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Epson Express brings technical support and advice from Epson-trained professionals. Depending on the diagnosis, you will benefit from simple trouble-shooting, speedy product repair or even replacement. We also stocks a comprehensive range of retail consumables and accessories to get your printer restocked with ink and paper, or to upgrade it to match your latest printing set-up.

If your printer is still under warranty please bring it to our Repair Centre, with your proof of purchase, and please leave your cartridges in your printer, if your printer has to be replaced the cartridges will be exchanged to the replacement printer.

As an authorised Epson Express Centre we have a unique offer to enable you to extend your Epson warranty for up to three years.
only £19.99 inc VAT
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extended warranty
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Save £5.00 of your new printer. This offer is exclusive to Epson Express Centres and is available when you trade in any inkjet printer. It doesn't even have to be an Epson inkjet printer. So if you fancy a new printer to replace your old one, you'll love the great deals that Epson have to offer for the festive season. And you'll also be getting high quality, low cost printing with Epson individual ink cartridges.

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