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  • Expert diagnosis and repair on all types
  • 2 week UK service
  • NO fix - NO repair fee1
  • 12 month warranty inc.
  • Fixed prices from £69.992
We can resize all types of jewellery from rings to necklaces.
Please call us if you need
require help resizing
your jewellery.
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Stone resetting
Whatever the item we
can reset loose or
missing stones.
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  We honour every device repaired with a full
12 month return warranty
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Wherever you are we collect and deliver throughout the UK
Clean and polish
From Rings, Necklaces to Broaches and Earrings we can clean
and polish all metals
of jewellery.
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White gold refinishing
We are able to refinish white gold to restore to it that
new look.
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  Jewellery - Book your jewellery for a clean and independent price
evaluation for
just £74.99
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Stockist of are stockist of the following jewellery manufactures
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